Santi Joins Octavian And ObongJayar On Addictive Love Inspired Single ‘Poison’

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Santi’s rebrand came with a wildfire spread of his artistry from Nigeria to South Africa to the United States where he’s being propelled by feature after feature. On Goldlink’s U Say, he stole the show with his signature sinuous delivery. Now this week, along with fellow London based Nigerian singer, Obongjayar, he reprises his role as the perfect ally on French-Angolan Rapper, Octavian’s Take A Daytrip’s produced Poison.

Octavian and Obongjayar set the tone for the intoxicating single with its heady chorus which leads to a standard barrage of bars delivered. Santi’s verse smoothens out the rough edges of the single with a hallucinogenic contribution that proves to be a perfect addition to the addictive single.

More than anything, the trio’s blended harmony which stems from their shared cultural heritage that in turn heavily influences Poison, along with their refined choice of words makes for a wonderful escape to a seasoned fusion of mind-altering sounds.

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