Odunsi, Santi and Zamir Reconnect on ‘Alte Cruise’

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The alternative movement has worn its difference on its sleeve as artists like Boj, Odunsi and Santi have forced us to rethink our musical tastes over the past few years. A constant concern for these alternative artists is how to never get comfortable even when you look to have figured out a new sound. Odunsi, particularly, has shown us he understands this music thing over the past year never sounding the same on any two songs and letting us into his world through the fridaycruise soundcloud page. His latest effort is a collaborative one with Santi and Zamir tagged Alte Cruise.

While the Yinoluu produced record is impressive, probably more fun is the video for the track which features shots from Santi’s lens over Christmas 2017. In the week since release, the record has gained traction and while they stray from the norm with their sounds the cliche of a challenge to push the record has been employed however, its actually cooler than any other challenges you’ve probably heard of in the past.

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