Odunsi (The Engine) Goes The Extra Mile In Video For Falling

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Coming off the musical high that stemmed from the high praise his debut album rare. inspired, Odunsi (The Engine) ventures into space with his muse in the video for Falling; the second track off the album and the first visual production from same album.

Captured in found footage style, the video takes on a vintage theme which provides artsy backdrops that match the electro-funk powered 80s energy Odunsi pulled off when he recorded this track.  As he traverses dimensions in flashy and avant garde sceneries, promising his muse heaven and earth, flashes of the young artiste and his pretty ladies hitting smooth jigs are everything we envisioned this video would be since he began promoting it and it comes as no surprise seeing as direction came from Odunsi, Santi and Ademola Falomo; names that are synonymous to unconventional creativity in the industry.

It’s been a really good year for the boundless artiste who has kept his fans satisfied with rare. and we hope to get more offerings from him soon.

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