Ogranya Continues His Journey Into Sonic Utopia On ‘Baptism’

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Ogranya is something like a sonic avenger these days, one that’s constantly charged with enough soul and rhythm to rescue us from the mundaneness of the world into other dimensions by way of lulling but sweeping sounds and even more immersive stories. Since the year began, he’s been on this path. It’s the third month and to our advantage, there’s no end in sight. This time however, Ogranya is the one being transported into new dimensions on Baptism, his cryptic but engaging latest.

We find Ogranya in his niche on Baptism, slowly rising from calm to reach a climax so strong the end echoes with silence that speaks to the strength of his emotive delivery. Ogranya is everything we’ve come to love him for on Baptism, a storyteller with inducing tales, and a tour guide in the same vein, directing us in this dimension powered by his feelings and talent.


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