Ojujucalaba Explores Different Levels of Emotions on His Debut EP, ‘In The Evening’

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Nigerian Afro vibes/Afro melodic trap music singer, Ojujucalaba has been rising into the Nigerian music industry with his unique sounds in songs like E Choke and Stubborn Head.

Speaking on the mystery behind his name, the singer had earlier said: “One day I would tell the world why I chose that name, an African/ Nigerian representation of a Ghost, a deity, a masquerade.”  With his newly released debut EP, In the Evening, Ojujucalaba is on his way to show us that it goes more than having a distinct name as he explores different emotions and genres of music on this fascinating five-tracked EP.

In The Evening Ep is a mixture of different sounds ranging from upbeat Amapiano to love rhythms that allow the listener to experience a melodic representation of the singer’ss personality.

The first track, Protect Me shows off the artist’s Hip-Hop influences mixed with Afro-tunes and other sub-genres of music.

Love Is Blind as the second track is a combination of Afro-Urban sounds which is quite trendy at the moment. On this track, the singer yet again shows off his vocal prowess with relatable lyrics.

Interestingly, Amapiano-inspired, Sengemenge comes up next,  giving up mainstream party vibes and showing the artist’s confidence to switch sounds.

The last track Nothing further solidifies his Hip-Hop influences with a trap beat and subtle rap delivery that intertwines melodiously with each other.

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