Olayinka Ehi Dishes On The Bittersweet Parts Of Relationships On ‘This Is A Love Song’

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Olayinka Ehi is a vivid storyteller who maps out the norm from unconventional patterns. Every single that has come out of her camp this year has presented like a blank coloring book brought to life by her signature solemn storytelling style, the ease of her delivery, and the pensiveness of the instrumentals she has adopted as the norm. Just like the rest, This Is A Love Song, her latest is a story about unreciprocated love and energy presented as a skewed mirror image of what we expect it to be.

Indications of its uniqueness begins with an interlude delivered by a voice presumed to be Olayinka’s mother, delivering a premonition of her relationship in metaphors that matches Olayinka’s pensiveness even as she paints a full picture of the chaotic relationship she sings about. Like her feelings change, the single’s sonic backdrop changes, matching her emotional cadence and heightening the lull stemming from her serene flow.

While it does not take the shape of year closers, This Is A Love Song is proof of Olayinka Ehi’s consistency.

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