Oma Mahmud Processes A Heavy Heart on ‘Broken Promises’

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Oma Mahmud Processes A Heavy Heart on Broken Promises

Love is weird. You begin to do things you may not necessarily see as a part of who you are because that’s just the way the game goes. Sometimes, that ends in the blink of an eye when your partner decides to end things. In that situation, it takes a lot to be vulnerable enough to admit you’ve been hurt. On Broken Promises, Oma Mahmud’s first release in 2018, he is as much of an open book as possible. He processes the end of his relationship after she decided she was done, prematurely. As is often the case, when one emerges from a relationship, Mahmud looks back and begins to realise the unrequited sacrifices he made.

A pleasant record that you hopefully don’t have to relate to.