Listen to Omagz’s Team Up With Genio Bambino on Ultra-Chill ‘Osho Free’

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Listen to Omagz's new track Osho Free featuring Genio Bambino

For most musicians, success is measured by plays and records sold. In Nigeria, the commercial success of many rappers is characterized by pop choruses which draw listeners in. Acts like D-O have shown the willingness to adjust their sounds in the search for heightened commercial success and with Peter Piper, he has probably scored the biggest track of his career yet. In some regard, Omagz has also slowly altered his music towards more RnB and Soul music from when he started out with tracks like Easy and Young Magazine which were more Afro Pop with elements of rap. With his year opening single, Osho Free, it seems Omagz is in an experimental stage where he is trying his hands at RnB and Soul, a genre his discography is currently lacking.

On the Duggie produced record which features bass guitars, drums and an organ, Omagz delves into the topic of love and asks for access alongside Genio Bambino who has also carefully altered his sound with time. Osho Free is the first single off Omagz’s upcoming EP and sees the two acts reconnect after working on Trap Genio off Bambino’s Virtuoso project.

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