On His Debut EP ‘Get Layd’ Omah Lay Is As Riveting As His Come-up

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In the past decade, the Nigerian music industry has doubled as a portal for nonconformists toting entirely new sounds borne from a fusion of influences and experimentation to climb through the mainstream. While we’ve witnessed an influx these past few years, only a few have come through with unique superior sounds with a timeless elastic quality that can propel them to greater heights. Omah Lay is one of them. Earlier this year, he showed prospect with the acclaimed You which he soon followed with Bad Influence and a two-part project containing revamped versions of the former. As he continues down the same path wielding this prospect as his claim to fame, he shares his highly anticipated debut EP, Get Layd.

On Get Layd, Omah Lay doesn’t let the dominating sound of his home city, Port Harcourt rule him, he carves his own niche which is already accomodating an undaunted following with what Apple Music describes as a “blend of Afropop and RnB with shades of Highlife”; a description that alludes to the fusion of the best of his influences.

The project’s first single, Damn, immediately gives us a taste of what to expect on the rest of the project and not only does it pack the punch of a fierce intro, it nitpicks and then combines all the tasteful elements that have driven Omah Lay to the surface. With its lead singles, Bad Influence, and You cushioning the five-track project, it becomes a staggering experience, listeners will never be able to get enough of.

Get Layd despite it’s dominating romance theme is Omah Lay’s formal and albeit aggressive introduction to both himself and his sound.

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