Listen to Osadee’s Debut EP Sorry I Never Called

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An argument can be made that an artist’s first release is the most important of his/her discography. And if perhaps, that argument is too contentious, then it is at least as crucial as any other in their career. The simple reason for this: A debut effort serves as the artist’s introduction to listeners; an aural mission statement from them to an undecided audience, which attracts when done right, and repels when otherwise. While Sorry I Never Called isn’t Osadee’s inaugural release, the stakes remain more or less the same as it is his first project, and will be for many, their first interaction with his music.

The EP is six tracks long with features from Johdavinci, ‘Sheeks and Traplanta‘s KA$H, and primarily covers themes of love and heartbreak. It is in this way a quintessential R&B record, and largely keeps its promise of ‘music strictly for the purpose of driving at nighttime’ proclaimed by the Drake sample on the EP’s first single Summer Fling.

Speaking to The Culture Custodian, the budding artist had this to say about his new release:

“I’m just relieved. It’s been a lot of back and forth, but ultimately I’m happy because early signs suggest that people like it. I want people to feel like there’s a part of them in the music ’cause I’m actually talking real stuff on the project. It’s really stuff that’s happened in my life or is happening.” He added, “Satisfaction for me comes from knowing people can relate to it ’cause they go through the same thing. I literally want them to be like ‘Oh, s–t! Bro really did that!'”

With an endless range of potential and possible outcomes, there’s no telling what the future might hold for Osadee’s music career. But if one thing’s for sure, it’s that first impressions matter, and he’ll be hoping to leave a good one.

Listen to Sorry I Never Called below.