Oxlade Turns Obsessive In Dramatic Video For Melvitto-Assisted ‘Wait For You’

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It is no secret that the success of the Nigerian music industry is currently hinged on the creativity of the newbies who have been able to craft new sounds that are helping them, and the industry at large, soar.

Oxlade and Melvitto are an artist and producer tandem taking the industry by storm. Last year, the former made an appearance on the latter’s EP, Thenightisyoung, and this year, they reach the apex of their partnership in the video for the fan-favorite single titled Wait For You.

Megaboi reins in his directorial powers in the melodramatic video which paints Oxlade as an infatuated lover on the verge of becoming obsessed with his muse.

As with other videos, Melvitto is conspicuously missing in this video, leaving the drama and attention-seeking to Oxlade who does a great job of ensuring our engrossment in the video.