Oxlade Comes Bearing Sentimental Gifts On Debut EP ‘Oxygene’

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Since his debut and the raw passion that followed after, Oxlade’s grip on success has been getting stronger by way of even more solid affiliations and outstanding features that have made him a favorite in an industry heavily saturated with rookies. This month, he moves to build on his already solid presence with his debut EP titled Oxygene, a compilation of love ballads for his leading lady split with a metaphorical ode to his come up.

Oxlade begins the predominantly Spax produced EP with 02, the eponymously titled start of his love story in which he induces enough feelings for the rest of 6-track EP. The EP is so highly synthesized that each track gives way to the next, a feature synonymous with Oxlade’s storytelling centered artistry.

Contrary to his webbed connections, Oxlade maintains a lone but solid stance almost throughout the project, only turning to Moelogo for his similar syrupy delivery on the final single, Tables Turn, the emotion-laden story of Oxlade’s journey.

With Away serving as Oxygene‘s only single, the thrilling quality of the EP is unexpected but with Oxlade’s track record, it’s unsurprising. Oxlade has come to stay and Oxygene is his ticket.