Papi Ojo Wants You To Dance Like He Does On ‘Beremole’

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When Beyonce released her highly anticipated visual album, Black Is King last week, she indirectly opened a portal that released a myriad of African talents that were previously brimming on the surface. Among this teeming list is Papi Ojo, a multitalented artist who not only danced beside Beyonce in several scenes on the album but taught Rihanna to Gwara Gwara, Janet Jackson to Kupe and graced Time this week. Bursting with talent, the dancer meets musician who has had so much to offer in his twenty-two years on earth, circles back this week with Beremole, a drum rich dance ode that marries his love for dance and music.

Produced by Sarmyfire and Lekan, Papi Ojo sets fire to several cultural references and bass drum hybrid instrumental with captivating words that speak to the nature of artistic genius, one that has equipped him with the power to bring life to his territory by way of dance and music that elicits dance.

One of Papi Ojo’s dreams is to make sure his people are properly represented and with Beremole, a culture and language-rich single among other feats lighting his path, the reality of this dream are just within arm’s reach for him.


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