Paula.B Spins Un-reciprocated Love Into Timeless Soul Music On ‘You’

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This year launched people into varying stages of romance that ultimately became the subject of some of our favorite art pieces. Musicians especially, capitalized on the general vulnerability of their listeners making the year, a banner one for soulful music, some of which fell off quick and others like Paula.B’s just released, You, rife with the makings of timeless soul music.

What makes Paula.B’s You as easy as quality soul songs come, isn’t only the soul train driver’s syrupy vocals but her articulation of lyrics filled with emotion triggers. You is a song about unreciprocated love, but with the cushion-y effects of keys, soft cymbals, bass and other synthesizers, it becomes as immersive as your next love song, drawing in listeners by way of it’s atmospheric ambiance and Paula.B’s charm.

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