PDP, AD and 3 other parties join to form United Forum of Democrats.

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United Forum of Democrats

Leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party, People’s Redemption Party (PRP), Social Democratic Party (SDP), Alliance for Democracy (AD), Accord Party have agreed to constitute a broad based political opposition, known as United Forum of Democrats.

The group revealed this in a resolution signed by Prof. Jerry Gana on Thursday in Abuja after a meeting on Wednesday.

The forum claims it shall serve as an “effective, responsible and fearless watchdog and by mutual agreement broaden the base of the opposition so as to constitute an alternative reliable political option for our people and will therefore ensure that henceforth, the electoral and security umpires act strictly within the dictates and ethics of their profession.”

This seems awfully familiar to how APC came into existence but let’s watch and see how events play out.

Sources: PUNCH and Vanguard

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