Phaemous, Blaqbonez And Psycho YP Team Up On Midtempo Single ‘Cruise Control’

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Tucked away in the sleepy city of Abuja, Phaemous is an R&B artist who experiments with different sounds occasionally inclusive of Hip-hop and Afrobeat for a full groove experience; slowed down to encourage sensitivity or fiery enough to get the pulse of his listeners racing. Previously, he has collaborated with fellow Abuja natives like EEsKay on First Aid Box, Afroselecta BBK on Your Matter after which he fronted his debut single Chocolate. This month, he amasses a wealth of talent on his latest, Cruise Control, a mid-tempo ode to an unyielding love interest.

Produced by UCee with additional vocals from EEsKay, Cruise Control is a journey with the right folks in control: Phaemous, Blaqbonez and PsychoYP, ensuring smooth sailing from start to finish.

Photo Credit: @martins_fedoje


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