Phaemous Explores His Gemini Ego On ‘Phaeway Vol. 1’

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Following the release of the pilot single, “>Violet, Phaemous drops his seven-track debut EP Phaeway Vol. 1 featuring regular collaborators, Drayko, Psycho YP and Eeskay.

On Phaeway Vol. 1, the newbie explores his “Gemini ego with a touch of Greek mythology, which symbolises the spiritual connection I have with my music.” He taps inspiration from Afrobeats, jazz, neo-soul, trap and electronic music to create the sonically rich EP as he looks to creatively carve a niche for himself.

The singer who sees himself as an R&B kid with Afro roots is heavily inspired by Michael Jackson, Usher, The Weeknd and Chris Brown, all of whom helped shape Phaemous’s music and made him fall in love with R&B. It isn’t hard to tell from his melody and aesthetics that the singer is headed for Afrobeats and R&B royalty.

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