Feeling blue? Listen to PINK, Oma Mahmud’s Second 2017 Project.

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We rarely see artists release two individual bodies of work in a calendar year however, Oma Mahmud is here to show he does things as he desires. 7 months ago, his first project, “Interlude” was released, in November, he followed it up with his 2nd full length project, titled PINK.

A blend of multiple genres and sounds, showing Oma’s diversity and flexibility as both an artist and a producer, PINK is almost exclusively produced by Oma, and features vocal performances from some of the leaders of the new school like Fasina, WavyTheCreator, BrisB, BarelyAnyHook and many more. The project also sees production from longtime collaborators Mvgic soul & IAMBEATZ, and also a new name ‘Kabizzy’.