Poe is full of wisdom on Revival

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The Hip-hop scene in the Nigerian music industry makes up for what it lacks in visual representation of tracks in the competitive lyrical content of its new generation of Rappers. While a truck load of them still pander to this narrative, stars like Ladipoe whose debut album: Talk About Poe is the masterpiece we anticipated that has taken the industry by storm and given us quite a number of quotable lyrics proves today with the video for Revival that indeed like he stated in the project, he is different.

Serving up the bass powered bars that makes the track more than the usual tell all monologue that it is, along with a number of edgy landscape found footage captured scenes that briefly track his journey in the industry, Poe revives the dried out creative well of visual offerings in Nigerian Hip hop and its more than his fans have been asking for since he first stepped onto the scene more than six years ago.

Revival video is proof that the unconventionality and raw quality of Poe’s artistry is what will take him far and we’re here for more similar offerings.

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