Psycho YP And Hvrry Join Music Collective Pop Boys On Ostentatious Debut ‘Done Did It’

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Not much is known about budding Nigerian creative collective, Pop Boys but their debut single, Done Did It speaks to and for their authenticity and style, descriptions that track the group’s path from obscurity to fame. Powered by budding Hip hop heavyweight, Psycho YP with sound direction from Hvrry, the Producer responsible for some of the top-notch singles off Odunsi’s debut album, rare, Done Did It is an ostentatious manifesto atypical of Hip hop artists.

Donned in confidence and immersed in Bendrixz textured Guitar Chords, Psycho YP in his usual paced tempo takes us on a journey to a dimension where’s he comfortable enough to show off his privileges and iterate his stance on his status in the industry.

With Psycho YP and Hvrry, Pop Boys are armed with the perfect tools for navigation in an industry that’s just getting started on social experiments like theirs.