Presidency trades words with Melaye over signed budget

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The Presidency has responded to a statement credited to Senator Dino Melaye where he accused President Muhammadu Buhari of “trying to whip up sentiments against the National Assembly” over the recently signed budget.

The Kogi West Senator had said in the statement: “I noticed that PMB is trying to whip up sentiments against the National Assembly again by alleging that the 2018 budget was padded.

“What the President is authorised to do constitutionally is to present the National Assembly with a bill. A bill is a work in progress and not the finished work.

“The National Assembly is not just expected to rubber stamp whatever bill the President presents. If this was the norm then there would have been no need for the Constitution to direct that the Bill be submitted to the N/A in the first place.”

Responding on her Twitter page, Buhari’s aide, Lauretta Onochie warned Dino Melaye not to tarnish the image of the NASS further.

“A National Assembly with Sen Melaye who is standing trial for criminal offences and who commutes between a Court and the House of Senate, does not need more help to further smear it,” Onochie tweeted.

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