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President Goodluck Jonathan on Saturday indicted some unnamed state governors in the north-eastern part of the country over the spate of insecurity in the zone that has left hundreds of people dead.

He said the unnamed governors who turn around to attribute the violence to bad leadership failed in their responsibility of providing basic primary and secondary education for the children.

He said the uneducated children who form an army of unemployed and unemployable youths are now tools in the hands of miscreants who feed and arm them to kill innocent citizens.

Jonathan spoke at the Peoples Democratic Party’s North East Unity Rally held in Bauchi, Bauchi State.

He said while the Federal Government was doing its part by providing tertiary education to teeming Nigerian youths, state governments must also play their roles and stop pointing accusing fingers at him.

He said he played his role well to end insecurity in Bayelsa State when he was the deputy governor and the state governor, hence he expected state governors to play their roles too.

He added that north-eastern states had lost more people than any other part of the country in the violence orchestrated by the fundamental Islamic sect, Boko Haram because people refused to do the right thing.


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