Madabox Goes Behind The Scenes With PrettyboyDO For Headline Concert Doc

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In a social media world, with an emphasis on results, not enough is said about going through the process, iterating and ultimately improving. For Prettyboy DO, that has been the story, retooling his music and ultimately becoming a force to be reckoned with in Nigeria’s burgeoning music scene. In December 2019, Prettyboy D-O hosted his second headline concert, In a Pretty World. On the day, a camera crew from Madabox followed the rockstar around chronicling the experience and allowing us into his psyche on what was without a doubt a special day.

The documentary which is important at documenting the day features TSE, DND Section, Teezee, Dose Sampu and many more close friends of PrettyboyDO’s.

DO is currently working towards the release of his next body of work, tagged Wildfire.

Featured Image: @Okhai__


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