PrettyboyDO Delivers Rhythm And Street Music Ecstasy On ‘Police N Teef’

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While everyone is in their feelings, PrettyboyDO is in another dimension powered by his uniqueness and hosted by a smattering of bass synths produced by Higo. He exhibits this on his latest single titled, Police N Teef, which also serves as his 2021 debut.

The signature angst he pushes in his singles bred by his brashness and boundless lyrics is set off from the very first line, “911, what is your emergency“, though bouncy, it prefaces the single’s theme which unsurprisingly is braggadocio but this time clouded in a chaotic relationship.

Police N Teef is a nostalgic metaphor for the back and forth that occurs as a result of entanglement and draws on DO’s ties to childhood games, connected by his creative genius.


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