Preyé Ends Long Hiatus With Emotive ‘Cookies’

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The energy the rains brings with it is an inspiration that paces feels that transcends the phenomenon of ‘weather for two’. For musicians, it’s a muse that roils the best or even the worst of their thoughts and feelings. For Preyé Itams, whose last sonic offering came more than a year ago, the rain was one of the muses that inspired the sensual yet haunting vocals that projects the searing emotions that accompany the emotive tale she tells in her latest release which she calls Cookies.

Cookies comes a couple of months after she channeled the forces of her soulful vocals in a featured track off Tay Iwar’s Soulection Premiere; 1997 which came after a mesmeric duet with Davina on Vanity and despite the lengthy hiatus between this and her last solo release, Preyé returns with the calm soul searing energy we have come to associate her with. An energy that blends properly with Benny Que’s tempered keys, pensive guitars and bass drums and does more than expected in the transformation of the stirring lyrics brought to life by herself and Ngohire.

According to her, Cookies is about “finding peace with yourself by appreciating the little things like enjoying self made chocolate cookies. It makes me feel relaxed, makes me feel like having an honest conversation even this it’s really a ‘Fuck you, I’m the shit’ song ” and that much is evident in the 2 minutes it takes her to offer us the best of herself in her first and probably last solo effort of the year.

As a prelude to a coming EP; Cookies is a great way to contain our expectations and ease us into Preye’s world of enchanting sonic offerings and we can’t wait to receive what more she has in store for us. Listen to Cookies “>here and watch the lyric video below.

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