Princess Mami Gets Gutsy On PsychoYP Assisted ‘I Got It’

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Princess Mami is taking on 2021 with an attitude as steely as her flow. She’s audacious and with a sharp tongue loosened by her need to show up, show out and show off, there’s a lot to be distilled when she grabs the mic. Her 2021 debut, I Got It, featuring fellow Abuja native, PsychoYP reads more like a brag than a manifesto but despite the sauciness that gives life to the three-minute-long single, sidling up to Princess Mami doesn’t pose a problem, after all, she’s a poster girl for confident women and she does wield the necessary features of an emcee with the wits and grits.

Challenged by geographical roots and limited discography, Princess Mami, just like her iced out teeth, desires to shine this year. The inclusion of PsychoYP on I Got It, is a huge step towards the achievement of this goal, while the single, is a deal sealer.

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