Psiv Is Confident And Casual On Afro Swing Inspired ‘Crazy’

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After starting the year off with high energy trap song and potential moshpit anthem, Hella Night, Psiv leans towards his first love, UK Afro Swing on new single, Crazy, impressive percussion powered cut that spotlights his talent and quick adaptive style, barely two years since his debut.

Joined by fellow up and comer, Zick who flavors the otherwise edgy track with a syrupy verse, Psiv delivers catchy lyrics and upbeat rhythms over an infectious and bouncy beat produced by UK based Producer, Saint Beats.

Armed with an impressive measured flow, Zick’s silky vocals and sparse but coordinated lyrics alluding to his sexual prowess and overall tenable influence, Psiv delivers a collaboration that characterizes his trademark Afroswing artistry.


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