PSIV And Espiquet Offer A Unique Take On Drill On ‘Gangland’

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With the drill genre on the rise, globally and in Africa, PSIV’s official debut single, Gangland perfectly places him in the frontlines of the growing genre in his home country, Nigeria. Tapping the menacing vocals of South African contemporary, Espiquet, the duo form an unbeatable tag team on the bouncy single.

Espiquet himself is a renowned principal in South Africa’s Vaal Suburb’s teeming drill scene, making this the perfect collaboration for the continent’s take on the globally budding genre. PSIV and Espiquet have unearthed drill influences from all around the world infusing it with their very own unique cadence to spin Gangland into the almost perfect crossover single that it is.

Gangland offers a bird’s eye view of life in Nigeria, spun with menacing words to touch on government impunity, corruption, and police brutality, the everyday reality of young people growing up here.

Music will always be the purest form of storytelling, so PSIV turns to drill to capture the emotions he’s feeling, rage, and anger. He has taken it upon himself to journal and document all this in his own very special way, by allowing his undeterred voice to lead the way even as he introduces the world to his fresh sound.

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