PsIV shows out on his debut single, ‘Too Fly’

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As time and history have proved, music transcends cultural and geographical barriers. New artist on the block, PsIV (pronounced as Ps4) Is set to ensure its continuation by creating a a path for himself with a genre he describes as Friday Night Benz music.

His debut single Too Fly is reminiscent of the municipal instrumentals and intonations of UK Drill music. The song is laced with braggadocious lyrics which take us through what it feels like to be thrust into a stress free expensive lifestyle. The lyrics also draw a bit of light to social issues with the line I remember back then, life in the pen as well as the line Life in the ends, Never fucked with the skeng with ‘Pen’ and ‘Skeng’ translating to prison and knife in UK street lingo. Listen to Too Fly below:


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