Psycho YP Finally Shares The Retro Video For ‘Be Like You’

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Stream PsychoYP's Trendy New Single Be Like You

Between chairing his cutting edge Apex Village project, contemplating the aftermath of his debut project, YPSZN and contributing his relevant quota to the growth of the Hip-hop scene in the Nigerian music industry, Psycho YP is amassing a wealth of resources and fame for the propulsion of his budding brand. As a rap purist, he never strays far from his roots and influences and as he returns today with the video for the earlier released, Be Like You, he maintains the status quo.

With directorial assists from AO Innovation, Ceeander and Kuddi, Psycho YP visualizes his emboldened narrative, metaphorically beating his chest to the rhythm of his own success in energy bristling scenes; some shot found-footage style.

While YP takes on the role of a high school student in the video, showing off his basketball skills, his lyrics juxtapose the video’s plot, revealing his actual status in life and in the industry.

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