RAJI Music appeal to the Ladies on ‘All My Ladies’

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A Nigerian-Irish trio consisting of Baba Raji, Ayo Tori, and Junzy, RAJI Music are etching themselves into the fabric of the Afro-fusion genre, coining their own term, Rajification. Creating music with passion, they believe that every song is a work of art made to connect with the listener, allowing their audience to express their true self via music. The band has a way of effortlessly blending different genres to step into the world where their sound exists.

Writing, producing, and performing every aspect of their music, they are in complete control of their own creative outcome and look to work within a genre that is globally recognized while remaining authentic and original. 2021 is set to be the year the trio makes a wider impact, with a string of new releases ready to converge into a debut project, starting with their first entry of 2021, All My Ladies, an ode to women who are fun, lively, and free and also, a song to play around with, mixed by renowned UK producer Chemo.

With its sweet blend of good vibes and irresistible rhythms, All My Ladies serves as the perfect introduction to the RAJI realm.


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