Mavin rolls out Rema’s trademark freestyles as an EP

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As Rema continues to climb up the charts off the back of the successful Dumebi and up the ladder to fame, he capitalizes on the reception he’s gotten so far and uses it as a tool to increase his engagement with his fanbase and the larger public, which crystallizes into the release of a roll out of the freestyles he’s been sharing on social media this week.

Aside from his talent, one thing is very sure about Rema and it’s the optimization of his social media profiles which his team has used to increase his profile. It speaks to a well conceived plan. The project summarily titled Rema Freestyle EP comprises four tracks spanning subjects relevant to a boy his age. From love to competition and his come up, his obsession with outer-world elements, superheroes and experimental instrumentals is obvious. More than anything, it’s a reflection of his strength and passion.

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