Rema’s “Charm” Lights Up Minimalist Musical Video

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It has only been a month since Mavin superstar Rema dropped Rave & Roses Ultra, the deluxe version of the album initially released in the previous year. With songs like Calm Down, Holiday and Charm thriving off the album, the artiste reinstates himself as one of the most sought-after pop and RnB figures of the recent Afrobeats generation. On May 22, 2023 the artiste added another feather to his cap with the release of the official video for Charm.

With directorial credits going to Perliks, Folarin Oludare and Rema himself, the new video, which is shorn of excess, features the artiste and a vixen, who doubles as a female love interest. Rema delivers a serenade with a voice that is lustful and in a manner that is swanky. While he obsesses over the body of the lady from the outset, as the video depicts,  the same cannot be said of his actions. At first, he is a distance away from the lady, but he gradually becomes touchy-feely as emotions gain momentum. 

From the lyrics, the artiste is self-conceited as he implores the lady to “drop your body armour” while making her realize all the time how rich enough he is to cater to her desires. In the video, Rema is pictured with an  evolving colour palette that signifies his dynamic, charismatic nature. His signature draggy vocals blend in effortlessly with the sensuous rhythm and dancing at the forefront, as he worships the irresistible charm of the lady whom he demands equal measure of attention from. His hairstyle in the music video may be said to be inspired by his Edo roots, while his silhouette in the visuals gives a unique, stylised feel to the identity of the artiste. 

Watch the video here.


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