Remy Baggins Captures The Essence Of His Sound On ‘AMATERASU!’

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After showcasing his flair and affinity for the RnB genre on his last two projects, HENTAI and sakura., Remy takes his influences a notch up with the hard-hitting AMATERASU!. Inspired by the undying black flames from popular anime Naruto, the project is a powerful testament to the incomparable versatility of Remy Baggins and is also his sixth body of work. On this seven-track project, Remy effortlessly tells different stories about his journey in the music industry, including an 808 Therapy session delivered over various types of Trap and Hip-Hop instrumentals.

On AMATERASU!, Remy shares the spotlight with several talented artists and like-minds including PsychoYP, Mojo, Marv OTM, Veen, Kiienka, Boogey, and Zilla Oaks. He keeps the sound dissonance at bay by producing every track himself with the exception of GBOJU! which was produced by Spaceship Collective producer Telz, and W.I.G.B.?, co-produced with GCL3F.

Remy Baggins basks in his catchy Trap and mellow pop hybrid, fusing nostalgia through his recollections and freshness evidenced in his innovative approach together without losing his sense of self which speaks to his single-minded approach to music, unveiling his undying passion for the art.