Remy Baggins Paces Upcoming EP With Reflective ‘No Regrets’

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Remy Baggins never misses with music when he’s charged with emotions, whether tailored to support a love-driven narrative or otherwise, he’s quick to the point in sound and soul. And, the second single shared in the run-up to his soon to be released Amaterasu EP, No Regrets, is proof of how deep he can go and how heartfelt his delivery can be.

It’s no secret that Remy Baggins started his music journey years back and while some of his wins and losses have been made public, he dedicates this single to shedding light on his life through years of hard work, and the impassioned confrontations he’s had to deal with on his journey.

As with everything he does, the self-produced No Regrets is glazed with pure honesty and cushioned by heartfelt 808s, two features that indicate the quality of music his listeners will be getting on Amaterasu.

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