Remy Baggins Is Creased In Love And Diverse Emotions On 4-Track EP ‘Sakura’

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Remy Baggins shrugs off the savage persona he has imbued since VIV, keeps his Japanese art infatuation from Hentai, but becomes a hopeless romantic on his latest project titled Sakura which means Cherry Blossom in Japanese. The 4-track EP is an expression of Remy’s intense attraction to a fictional best friend which finds him gradually losing himself in the process. Among other palpable features, Sakura flaunts Remy’s ability to experiment with diverse RnB/Soul sounds, a feature that has placed him on prominent radars and one we’ve come to know and love him for.

Brief, silky and astute, the 4-track EP collects on Remy’s affinity for solo performance and creation as Ossi Grace and ILLYTHAGREAT are the only co-creators featured on the EP, with the former credited as a songwriter for As Friends Tho and Show Me The Signs and the latter as a co-producer on As Friends Tho.

Remy’s uniqueness is evident in the way all the tracks, though similar in themes retain his signature elements from the constant use of 808s to the perfect flow of his vocals from track to track and despite its forlorn theme, the dynamic and multi-talented artist manages to diversify the entire project with varied sounds that are unique to his sound.


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