Rexxie And Bella Shmurda Complement Each Other On ‘Back2Back’

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Rexxie and Bella Shmurda have recognized their star power which has activated their desire to constantly placate their listeners with their perceived greatness. This was the case with Naira Marley a couple of years ago when the mainstream acceptance of his signature sound led to the release of an onslaught of records wielding the same sound now, the pair is following the same path and while the outcome isn’t always favorable, their current run is impressive and enjoyable.

On Back2Back, the duo does more than toot their horns, they give detailed explanations of the lifestyles their star power has afforded them. Shmurda, who powers the single on behalf of the duo caresses Rexxie’s quick-paced drum and synth percussion variety with his off-kilter vocals.

Back2Back is sparsely worded but with their energies bouncing off each other and Rexxie’s signature galvanic instrumentals, they fill a void that’s likely to go unnoticed by their listeners.

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