Ria Sean’s Debut EP ‘Fluid’ Is A Stirring Simulation Of Her Mind

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Serving a versatile blend of stories, good vibes, and sounds, Aristokrat Records, Ria Sean’s debut EP, Fluid, comes hot on the heels of her last release and the EP’s lead single, Money Bag and its accompanying blockbuster video that smoothed her path to mainstream relevance and pressed more on the diversity and uniqueness she’s been displaying since her Aristokrat debut, Lemonade.

On the six-track Fluid, Ria Sean’s sensual and soulful vocals are fused with RnB and afro-fusion production by like-minds whose sound direction pairs perfectly with her eclectic combination of relatable and captivating narratives.

Speaking about the EP, Ria Sean said:

“I want people to listen to this EP and understand that it’s okay to be the multiple versions of yourself because that’s what makes us all special. Having different sides to you isn’t weird, it’s sexy, it’s bold and it’s beautiful. With the different sounds we’ve put together on this EP, I want you to hear my fluidity”.

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