Ria Sean Deepens Her Imprint With Confidence-teeming ‘Money Bag’

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A month ago, Aristokrat Records keyed into the growing respect and adulation of women in the music industry by bringing the sultry-voiced and vivacious Ria Sean on board. The singer made her debut with the re-release of 2020 hit, Lemonade, an up-tempo ode to sweltering emotions, delivered in a passionate manner that matched her narrative. This month, she deepens her noticeable imprint with Money Bag, a bass-heavy appraisal of the new lifestyle her talent has afforded her.

Money Bag is a Dance-hall infused Afro-pop cut that shows why effervescent women are forces to be reckoned with even beyond the music industry. Sean ties the elements that make her special together to deliver a drowsy but hard-hitting single that can be equated to an autobiography. She leaves no stone unturned in detailing her approach to life, one that’s powered by her thirst for fame and fortune.

With each tempo switch, Sean reveals she’s familiar with each path to glory; accompanying TG Omori-directed video, a dramatic plot that casts her as a robber contributes to this fact.

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