Rising Star Söulaar Returns With “Blessing”

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Rising Star Söulaar Returns With "Blessing”

Rising musical talent who emerged onto the scene in 2020, Söulaar, continues to captivate audiences with his distinctive sound and compelling storytelling. Following the success of his debut single Bam Bam and subsequent releases has returned with producer NYRP in their latest collaboration, Blessing.

In Blessing, the duo blends reggae, dancehall, and Afrobeats influences into a captivating musical record. The single not only showcases Soulaar’s vocal prowess but also serves as a reflection and prayer for divine intervention in his personal and artistic journey.

Reflecting on the song’s meaning, Söulaar describes Blessing as more than just a track—it’s a heartfelt expression of his aspirations and innermost emotions. “Blessing is me crying out… yearning for more, waiting on my wings to fly,” Söulaar shares, highlighting the song’s raw authenticity and personal resonance.

The collaboration with NYRP elevates Blessing to new heights, showcasing a seamless fusion of their creative energies and musical vision. NYRP’s production expertise complements Soulaar’s emotive delivery, resulting in a track that resonates deeply.

Following the success of his debut extended play, Cosmic, Söulaar continues to push boundaries and explore new sonic territories with Blessing. The single reaffirms Soulaar’s position as a promising artist to watch and also highlights his commitment to creating music that is both evocative and uplifting.

Listen to Blessing here: