Royal Ezenwa Releases Debut Eponymous EP ‘Royal Ezenwa‘

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Nigerian-American singer, Royal Ezenwa has released his eponymous EP, Royal Ezenwa and it’s available on all social media platforms.

The project takes you through a unique sound experience with soothing vocals, well-crafted lyrics and beautiful beat compositions. The 6-Track project comes in bounty with 2 features; Boy Turn3r and Oxlade.

On Destiny, the soothing opener dripped in percussion and emotions, he leaves no stones unturned as he journeys through his origin, his destiny and his desires. All those feelings quickly turn into lust on Woman a humming tale that tells the story of a certain woman he’s in love with. “If you’re a fine boy and you don’t have money, go for ugly girls because fine girls are for rich boys, that is what they mean by life no balance”….These were the words of a certain philosopher in the intro of Balanci, an intoxicatingly soothing song specially made for the city boys in search of inspiration. As the saying goes, “All fingers aren’t equal”, this point of view is what laid the foundation on Royal Ezenwa’s third track. If you had ideas since the start of the project, Jonzing definitely confirms it.

Oxlade comes in clutch on I Know, a track ordained to be a fan favourite. The most striking part of this song is how two artistes with different styles sync so well that you can almost be sure they’re a duo. The closing track Ovaload is a fast-paced track on which he recruits rapper, Boy Turn3r to give a well-deserved closing track that befits the array of solid tunes so far. There’s still a lot more to discover and be excited about.

Since his first release Wawu in 2017, Royal Ezenwa or ‘The Prince of Anambra’ as he is fondly referred to in his hometown has delivered an eclectic blend of afrofusion, hip-hop and dancehall, a recipe that is still evident in his music till date and on his debut project Royal Ezenwa. His interest in music began at age 12 when he began to play the trumpet in middle school; it wasn’t until he got to college before he decided to explore songwriting. This newly discovered passion, together with the brilliance of merging vocals over instrumentals helped him flourish and grow his artistry in no time.

Listen to Royal Ezenwa here