Runtown Is Passionate And Political On ‘If E Happen For Lagos’

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In the thick of Afropop dominance, Runtown opted for a foreign sound that suited his persona proving then that he’s a nonconformist. It’s been more than four years since his big break with experimentalism yet he waxes strong. This month, he switches lanes and crosses over to a Jazz-driven Afropop hybrid on If E Happen For Lagos not so different from his normal sound but prominent enough to be noticed and appreciated. In line with his activism, he takes his time to spotlight the crookedness of life, nepotism, bureaucracy, and the undoubted failure of our government.

Mystro’s saxophones are sturdy enough to amplify Runtown’s strongly worded message which comes across as passionate despite his languid delivery style, in fact, there is a noticeable difference in the way he articulates, speaking to the fact that If E Happen For Lagos is a true product of passion and not pandering.

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