Runtown Is Unafraid And Unyielding On Dancehall Tinged Comeback ‘Kini Issue’

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Runtown is something like a shadow in the industry now, visible when he’s illuminated by his need to be seen and hidden when there isn’t a reason for him to be on the frontlines. It’s been months since his last release and while he’s no longer heavily saddled with his legal controversy, he makes his way to the surface today with Kini Issue, a true-to-form ode to his menacing approach to romance.

Produced by DJ Khayleb, Runtown shares an innovative, versatile range on the mellow single, weaving the Jazzy bits of Afrobeat with textures that bring his biting lyrics into a tuneful definition.

Kini Issue is yet another piece of Runtown’s inventive phase that portrays him as an artist with a Dancehall flair this time around and despite his fleeting presence in the industry, his comeback holds enough weight to remind us of just how good he is.


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