Runtown Sneaks In A 20-Track Surprise Project On Fans.

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One of our favorite things about music is how it evolves in colourful ways as time goes on and how the Nigerian music industry isn’t forgotten in this evolution. In many ways, we have adopted a lot of these evolutionary strategies, one of which is the move that involves an Artiste sneaking in projects on their fans. Just shy of the new year mark and his Soundgod Fest, comes Runtown’s surprise compilation project; Soundgod Fest Vol. 1, a collection of old and new sounds performed at the just concluded Soundgod Fest.

With 20 tracks delivered in almost 2 hours, Soundgod Fest Vol. 1 is an intentionally paced and compiled sonic voyage that promises to be unforgettable, including a number of originals and reimagined versions of tracks like the newly released Oh Oh Oh (Lucie), Successful and Mad Over You, all of which showcase Runtown’s passion for unusually finessed art.

If you’ve been searching for a compilation of your favourite tracks by Runtown, then Soundgod Fest Vol. 1 is just the hidden treasure you’ve been on the lookout for, one that we assume is now sitting comfortably in playlists and DJ Sets. Stream the 20-track project here.