Stream Ryan Omo’s Paradoxical Pun Filled Five-Track EP ‘Ace’

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Coming from the house that built Teni, there are lots of expectations set and finishing lines to cross for Ryan Omo but rather than strive to meet these expectations, the somewhat newcomer settles comfortably while showing off his evolution on Ace, a paradoxical pun that speaks to his rebirth on the emotive five-track EP.

Opening up with Self Introduction, Ryan Omo carries on with the expository he started on his debut, Gimme Love. He takes time out to curate a presentation to his fans with a secondary prologue reserved for the muse whose wiles inspire the many forms of Ryan we encounter on the project.

Self Introduction as short as it is is succinct and packed enough to set the tone for the rest of the EP that includes the upbeat and stimulating Need Ya that relies on Afrobeat’s jazzy elements to create a heady ambiance strong enough to hold the ears of his listeners up until Mena, the definite party-starting closer.

Despite its terseness, every track on Ace is a highlight. From personal favorite, Belema, a jazz driven allusion to his heightening infatuation for one of the project’s major muses and Orlando Drive, a fine product of experimentalism, Ryan Omo delivers audaciously, utilizing orchestral like sounds in form of resounding synth squalls, deep bass melodies and seasoned jazz offerings, soul snatching and mood-lifting on every track.

Ryan Omo didn’t just pick up from where he left off on Gimme Love but blazed another trail that has set the pace for what’s likely to be busy, accolade filled years to come.

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