Sam Dede Returns As Lead Actor In Sequel of Nollywood Classic “Issakaba” 

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2001 Nollywood action film Issakaba is set for a thrilling comeback, with actor Sam Dede restored as the lead character.  Filmmaker Lancelot Imasuen, who took charge of the initial production, will also return as director on the latest project.

Sam Dede wrote in an Instagram post dated January 27, 2024: “ISSAKABA!!! The Myth returns. A RIVER DOES NOT FLOW THROUGH A FOREST WITHOUT BRINGING DOWN TREES. Men with evil minds lurk in the dark. But….. JUSTICE IS MINE”.

Though not much is known about the production, the cast includes Chidi Mokeme and Big Brother Naija star Unusual Phyna, and principal photography is believed to be underway.

Issakaba, an anagram for Bakassi, is based on the real life story of Bakassi Boys, a community vigilante group set up in 1998 to combat crimes such as armed robbery, kidnapping and murder in the South-Eastern region of Nigeria.

In the film, the Issakaba boys, led by Ebube (played by Dede), are hired to deal with armed robbers who terrorize the community. The Issakaba boys are fortified with charms and black magic as they embark on a mission to apprehend and punish offenders using extra-judicial means. 

The anticipated sequel of the action franchise Issakaba comes  23 years after the release of the first installment.