Stream Sammie Trill’s Sound, Story And Spirit Encompassing Debut EP ‘The Conversation’

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In a manner that suggests he knows just what makes the industry tick, Sammie Trill graciously invites us all into his world with the soft and sweet sounds of Afropop on this debut seven-track EP titled The Conversation. The singer believes himself to be the latest deserving member of the new wave of Nigerian RnB singers staking claims to music royalty and on this EP, his delivery is a mixture of the talent and skill likely to help him navigate the mainstream, successfully.

The Conversation is a genuine musical listening experience that will have you coasting along with the diverse sounds on offer. From the uptempo Pop inspired sounds of African Girl and Bright Star to the mid-tempo, somberness of Sorry and To The Top that rounds up the EP, Trill is able to make his listeners feel a variety of emotions over the course of its twenty-three minutes run time.

Simple and relatable lyrics will always win and by employing that Trill is able to make listeners connect with his joy and pain. Not entirely gloomy, its mood blending nature allows for listeners to be able to “dance their sorrows away” to Happy Day, enjoy the gentle, groovy vibes of Call, and unwind after a long day to the sensuality of Sexy Body.

An encompassing body of work, The Conversation is Sammie Trill’s ticket to relevance.

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