Samzy Makes 2021 Debut With Afro Caribbean Inspired ‘Soulja’

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Texas-based Nigerian singer, Samzy, has a lot to prove, being one on the rise in the diaspora. His employment of sounds on different spectrums all of which eventually take root in variants of generic Afrobeat is proof of this and it is on the back of his ability to experiment that he holds a claim to having the makings of a mainstream pop star; his 2021 debut, Soulja (pronounced soldier /ˈsəʊldʒə/ ) is proof of this.

Soulja is a firm proclamation of affection and affirmation as Samzy commits strongly to his woman. The sonic direction is patterned after the signature Afro Caribbean bounce sound with Samzy’s gruff vocals pairing perfectly with the single’s rhythm.

With Soulja, Samzy shows why he should be taken seriously as he continues to up the ante.

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