Samzy’s Debut EP ‘Trendsetter’ Is An Apt Introduction To The World

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With roots that span the North American and African continents, Samzy’s music is an unabashed reflection of the sonic references of these geographic locations as he bounces between the breezy cadences that thematically unites Texas’ hip-hop scene, America’s wider communion with dreamy trap-pop, and the emotiveness of afro-fusionist music. Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, Samzy dedicated himself to working on his debut project, which seeks to codify all the musical influences that define his easy-on-the-ear style of music and a follow up to his acclaimed debut single, Chains. Aptly named Trendsetter, the five-track result of months of hard work is a melding of trap, drill, and afro-fusion at different vibrations.

The five-track EP encompasses subjects and styles that have been instrumental in his come up and his life.

On Da Remix, he works a typical afrobeat instrumental structure to express his devotion to a love interest, teasing out captivating words in tandem with the spry elements of the song’s beats. Dutty Luv is a sturdier offer, but it’s still an anthem for love that sees him switch his tool for expression to a saccharic form of sing-rapping which complements the minimalist hue of the beat.

Introductory tracks, On Me and Trendsetter, are the centerpiece of the project as Reggaeton infusions elevate the former into something refreshingly different and the latter broadens the edge of his artistry. A prior trap collaboration with Rema, Red Dots, has both artists crooning and melodiously detailing the joys and angst of being young and getting it.

Ultimately, Trendsetter is Samzy’s grand introduction to a world where prior limitations of physical barriers are being removed in real-time by the raw power of the music and this EP does not fall short.

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