Santi and Falomo Lock In On The Same Page For Jungle Fever Video

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One of the points we always award in Simi’s favor is her ability to sound in tune with whoever she chooses to collaborate with. Someone else who seems to have figured out these things called collaborations is Santi. Think about it, Santi and Odunsi, a vibe, Santi and GMK, never missed the spot, Santi and Falomo, infallible. We’ve really only seen the connection with Falomo once before this but it seems like something that’s a part of our lives on a greater scale and that’s probably because their video capture moments we can relate with and feel a connection with. They also look like videos we all feel we can create until there’s that one bit that reminds us we’re lacking in the video production aspect.

Long story short, the Jungle Fever video shows Santi hang out at a park in Dubai while we are treated to aesthetically pleasing shots.